Investor Relations

Astarta-Kyiv is an agri-industrial holding and one of the leaders in the Ukrainian sugar sector. We focus our operations on production and sales of sugar from sugar beet, sugar by-products, grains, oilseeds and related services.

Main results of 2016

•    Astarta harvested more than 2.6 million tonnes of sugar beet
•    More than 505 thousand tonnes of white sugar was produced
•    More than 910 thousand tonnes of grains and oilseeds were harvested
•    Milk production was 106 thousand tonnes
•    Soybean processing plant in Globyno produced more than 158 thousand tonnes of soybean meal, 38,8 thousand tonnes of soybean oil and 11,7 thousand tonnes of husk.
•    Bioenergy complex generated over 15 million cubic meters of biogas.